Mayor Hancock Steps Up to the Challenge

by Jill Locantore on March 13, 2015



Secretary Foxx announced the Safer People, Safer Streets initiative in September at the Pro Walk Pro Bike Pro Place Conference.

WalkDenver was pleased to learn that Mayor Michael Hancock has signed on to U.S. Secretary of Transportation Foxx’s Safer People, Safer Streets Challenge.

More than 160 communities are participating in the challenge by leading a call to action and helping their cities take on the Challenge activities outlined below.  We look forward to partnering with the Mayor on these activities!

Call to Action

  • Issue a public statement about the importance of bicycle and pedestrian safety
  • Form a local action team to advance safety and accessibility goals
  • Take local action through the Challenge activities (listed below)

Mayor’s Challenge Activities

  • Take a Complete Streets approach
  • Identify and address barriers to make streets safe and convenient for all road users, including people of all ages and abilities and those using assistive mobility devices
  • Gather and track biking and walking data
  • Use designs that are appropriate to the context of the street and its uses
  • Take advantage of opportunities to create and complete ped-bike networks through maintenance
  • Improve walking and biking safety laws and regulations
  • Educate and enforce proper road use behavior by all

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