Why Sidewalks Matter – Guest Post by Stewart Tucker Lundy

by Jill Locantore on March 10, 2016

Stewart Tucker Lundy 2

Guest post by Stewart Tucker Lundy, Denver resident and blogger

Editor’s note: In response to WalkDenver’s Denver Deserves Sidewalks campaign, City Council has formed a Sidewalk Working Group, which recently heard testimony from Denver residents on the importance of sidewalks.  Stewart Tucker Lundy testified on behalf of the Denver Commission for People with Disabilities. Help us keep the momentum going: sign the petition and make a contribution to support WalkDenver’s advocacy efforts!  

So many times, the word infrastructure is used with large cities, and for a person like myself, this city’s infrastructure is the sidewalk for my wheelchair, just as able bodied individuals have roads and path with cars. If you can’t get onto a highway, your day is greatly altered and inconvenienced. Well for a person that uses a mode of transportation such as a wheelchair, your day is not only inconvenienced, it just doesn’t happen. If a sidewalk on my street is altered in any way, my options are limited. Lets take your everyday sidewalk. You go left, you go right. If I can, I go left and to my job.  To think about going right (which may make me 10 to 30 minutes late to work) is an unacceptable scenario. If I can’t go left or right, I never get to work and I never have the possibility of contributing to my society. My world has become my home. Coloradans have the convenience of taking our bikes from Denver to Boulder if we like. The structure is there, but if you’re using a wheelchair and your sidewalks are not good, or nonexistent, it has a reflection on your world of being the same thing . . . nonexistent. I love the city, it’s beautiful and everyone’s rushing to get here, but we have to make sidewalks a priority just as much as we do a bike path.

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