Tomorrow: Visit the farmers market in southeast Denver for our next pop-up traffic calming project!

by Jessica Vargas on July 26, 2019

Our next pop-up traffic calming project is right around the corner! This Saturday, we’ll be at the intersection of Yale Avenue and S Clermont Drive to demonstrate some simple design changes that could improve walkability and connectivity in the area. This intersection is one of the few signalized crossings on Yale located in proximity to homes, transit, and local neighborhood destinations, including grocery stores, restaurants, shopping, and a library. But narrow sidewalks, unsafe vehicle speeds, and short crossing times often discourage residents from walking to nearby amenities. 

Through the Vision Zero Community Program, we’re partnering with the University Hills North Community RNO, the University Hills Neighborhood Association, and Councilwoman Kendra Black to set up a pop-up traffic calming demonstration at the intersection. While there is no doubt that significant investments are needed on Yale to improve safety and accessibility, we decided to focus on some smaller, short-term ideas that could be implemented at a quicker pace, such as curb extensions near the intersection and a median that could double as a pedestrian refuge. 

Similar temporary treatments have been added all over the City in order to manage speeds, improve walkability, and reclaim excess street space for people. These tools offer a way to quickly respond to neighborhood concerns about speeding, improve safety for all street users, and test out street design ideas that could be adjusted if changes are needed.

We’ll also have a booth at the University Hills Plaza Farmers Market taking place at the same time. We encourage you to stop by, walk between the pop-up and the market, and give us your feedback. If you’d like to get involved, visit our volunteer sign-up page to find out how you can help!

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