The Denver Streets Partnership relaunches with call on Hancock administration for safer streets

by Jessica Vargas on July 12, 2018

This past Tuesday, WalkDenver and other members of the Denver Streets Partnership–a coalition of bicycle, pedestrian, disability, safety, health and equity advocates–declared Denver’s streets are not people-friendly. To become more people-friendly, Denver’s streets need improved design and a funding investment of $40 million a year in order to reduce fatalities and allow more people to walk, bike and take transit within the city.

In a new report, the Denver Streets Partnership highlighted that cities committed to funding bike lanes and sidewalks like Seattle, Oklahoma City, Cleveland, Columbus and El Paso all invest at least three times the amount of money per year on bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure than Denver.

“These leading nonprofits came together because Denver is failing to provide people-friendly streets for people who walk and bike,” said Piep van Heuven, Denver Director for Bicycle Colorado and Chair of the Denver Streets Partnership. “It’s not surprising when you see Denver is spending a third of what other comparable cities are spending on walking and biking needs.”

“An average of about one person per week is dying in Denver just trying to get where they need to go,” said Jill Locantore, Executive Director of WalkDenver and manager of the Denver Vision Zero Coalition.

In the report, the Denver Streets Partnership described people-friendly streets as “streets where walking, biking and transit are the first choice of transportation for all people regardless of age, income and ability. People-friendly streets are more than just layers of concrete and asphalt. They are living conduits that connect us to jobs, schools, services and amenities, and they enable everyone to participate in and benefit from Denver’s growth.”

The Denver Streets Partnership is asking Mayor Michael Hancock, City Council and the Director of Public Works to consider the following funding requests for Denver’s 2019 budget:

  • $10 million for sidewalks and $5 million for bicycle facilities
  • $5 million to improve safety on Federal Boulevard – the city’s deadliest corridor
  • $1 million for interim design treatments like paint, epoxy, and plastic bollards to make designated lanes clearer and safer
  • $1 million for updating Denver’s Street Design Standards to improve safety for all

Read the full budget request letter here and check out additional coverage of the DSP press conference:

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