Safe Speeds for Denver

UPDATE: Thank you to everyone who signed our petition to Mayor Hancock! We received close to 1,000 signatures in support of Safe Speeds for Denver.

High speed traffic kills. High speed traffic makes our streets less pleasant for people walking and biking. Decades of research have found that drivers traveling at higher speeds are less likely to see someone walking or biking, are less likely to yield, have less time to stop, and if a crash occurs, it is much more likely to be fatal.

Speed Kills

Source: FHWA Pedestrian Safety Strategic Plan: Background Report, 2010.

Each year in Denver, more than 40 people are killed in traffic crashes and more than 1,900 are injured. Despite being involved in only four percent of the crashes, one third of the traffic deaths are people walking and biking. (Source: City and County of Denver Vision Zero Crash Dashboard, data from January 2012 – December 2015.)

In 2017, the Denver Vision Zero Coalition called upon the City and County of Denver to take the following actions to address the inherent dangers of unsafe speeds:

  • Commit to implementing an annual program that funds safe speed projects throughout the City, starting with the 2018 budget.
  • Test the effectiveness of various street design treatments for safe vehicle speeds through demonstration projects on residential, main street and mixed use streets (two or more of each), implemented in 2017.
  • Adopt formal guidelines in 2018 to guide safe speeds on streets throughout the City, based on the outcomes of the demonstration projects.

Thank you to our partners who provided letters of support: