Introducing WalkDenver Board Member Susan Gelbart

by Jennifer Addair on December 15, 2016

susan-gelbartAs a local REALTOR®, Susan Gelbart understands the importance of walkability and equality, and is excited to apply this knowledge as part of the WalkDenver Board.

How did you become interested in walkability and pedestrian issues? 

I am a REALTOR® and a lot of times feel a disconnect between our beautiful walkable neighborhoods in Denver and their affordability.  Some of our more affordable neighborhoods are not walkable and our very walkable neighborhoods may not be affordable.  I would like to work to close that gap.

What excites you about serving on the WalkDenver Board?  

I was so excited to learn of WalkDenver’s existence from a fellow Board Member!  I would rather work to better Denver’s communities rather than solely voice any negativity.  I think Denver is a wonderful place to live and so many people live and move here because they would like to have a car light lifestyle. I would like us to do a better job making that possible for more people.

What do you think are some of the biggest challenges and opportunities related to walkability in Denver? 

I see the biggest challenge related to walkability in Denver is in relation to the fact that Denver does not manage sidewalk maintenance as a city infrastructure.  Rather, it is left up to individual property owners to maintain the sidewalks adjacent to their property. Therefore, our more affordable neighborhoods, in most cases, are less walkable.

What’s the best place you’ve ever walked?  

I have had hundreds of beautiful hikes in Colorado and cannot pick just one!!

What’s the strangest/most interesting thing that’s ever happened to you while walking?  

I used to spend time vacationing with family and friends on Harbor Island, SC.  A lot of times while walking on the beach, the dolphins would start jumping out of the water, usually following closely behind a shrimp boat.  It was always such an awesome sight and took my breath away.  I always felt as if they were showing themselves just for me!

Anything else you’d like to share with WalkDenver’s supporters? 

I am honored and excited to work with WalkDenver.  I look forward to the journey!

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