Introducing WalkDenver Board Member Mark Fetterhoff

by Jennifer Addair on January 25, 2017

img_0325-3Mark Fetterhoff is a recent addition to the WalkDenver Board. After experiencing car-free life in New York City, Washington DC, and London, he’s excited to help make Denver a walkable, livable, and healthy city.

How did you become interested in walkability and pedestrian issues?

I grew up in a neighborhood in Colorado Springs that had sidewalks here and there, but it was not truly accessible. After living in cities like NYC, DC and London, where walking is a way of life, I really grew to appreciate the car-free lifestyle. Furthermore, I have had the opportunity to work for organizations that promote walking, walkability and livable communities. Making communities walkable is a no-brainer because it promotes health, connectivity and community.

What excites you about serving on the WalkDenver Board?

In my limited experience with the Board so far, it seems like a dynamic and passionate group that truly wants to make Denver a more walkable city. I look forward to learning from other Board members and contributing in what ways I can.

What do you think are some of the biggest challenges and opportunities related to walkability in Denver?

As Denver quickly grows traffic has become a challenge for nearly everyone. One way to alleviate traffic issues is by promoting walking/biking and building the infrastructure for connectivity to mass transit. It will be difficult to change the mindset of Denver residents to embrace car-light lifestyles if the infrastructure is not there.

What’s the best place you’ve ever walked?

I love hikes in the mountains, long strolls on the beach and getting lost wandering around new cities, but an overnight pilgrimage up Adam’s Peak in Sri Lanka to see the sunrise probably takes the cake as one of my most memorable walks.  

What’s the strangest/most interesting thing that’s ever happened to you while walking?

Running into a friend at an unexpected place during an unusual time is always fun.  


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