Help support pedestrian advocacy by joining WalkDenver’s team at the Denver 5K!

by Jessica Vargas on August 9, 2018

We want you to be on our team! Get ready to #Run4WalkDenver at the Denver 5K on September 8

You’re invited to join the Run4WalkDenver team at the Denver 5K! This popular, family-friendly course around Sloan’s Lake celebrates the joys of summer and being outside against the iconic Denver skyline.

Sloan’s Lake and the neighborhood around it represent so well the changing history of Denver and its transportation evolution. Did you know that in 1874, you could ride a steamship from Federal Blvd and 17th to the corner of the lake that is now home to Joyride Brewing? 144 years ago, people arrived at the lake by boat, streetcars coming from downtown, and horse-drawn wagons. Today, Denverites are more likely to arrive by private vehicle, bus, bike, or their own two feet.

Over the ensuing decades, the lake has hosted a variety of amusement parks, menageries, and recreation centers that provided relief from an increasingly urbanized life. That urbanization continues today with the redevelopment of the former St Anthony’s hospital site, introducing new commercial spaces and residential units. Sloan’s Lake remains a green pedestrian-oriented public space that nurtures thousands of pedestrians and bicyclists each year.

In contrast to this vital oasis, just a few blocks east of the water lies Federal Boulevard with a posted speed limit of 40 mph and deteriorating sidewalks. Perhaps the most infamous accident at Sloan’s Lake is the story of Roger the Elephant, an inhabitant of Manhattan Beach on the north shore. In a moment of panic, he threw six-year-old George W. Eaton off his back and killed him back in 1891. In 2018, many Denverites still know this story yet not as many know that 11 pedestrians were killed on Federal last year. That’s why we’ve sent a message to the City saying it’s time to fix Federal by allocating $5 million to transportation and mobility improvements on this vital corridor.

By joining us at the Denver 5K, you can help support WalkDenver’s work such as our efforts to prioritize pedestrian safety investments along Federal Boulevard. To sign up to run with WalkDenver, use the code “walkdenver18” as the password and then enter that same code again as a coupon at checkout. 3W Races will generously donate 25% of your registration fee to WalkDenver for using this code. If you’d like to help us raise even more for pedestrian advocacy, we’ve made it simple to fundraise for WalkDenver around the 5K. You can create your personal fundraising page in just a few clicks!

Get ready for race day with our weekly training events geared towards walkers and runners alike! Our next Walk with WalkDenver event is Saturday, August 18 at 7:30am.Join Board Member Kristin Smith in an early morning workout at the Fairmount Cemetery. Meet at the parking lot by Chapel in the Pines. We’ll jog the first mile and then walk the rest of the route (roughly 2.5 miles). Walkers welcome! All participants will be entered in a raffle to win a $45 date night (on the house!) to the Alamo Drafthouse at Sloan’s Lake. We hope to see you there!

Sign up to Run4WalkDenver at The Denver 5K!

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