The city told you to fix your broken flagstones. What can you do?

You have options! Follow the steps on this page to learn everything you need to know.

Step 1. Watch our overview to flagstone repair options:

Step 2. Review official City of Denver documents:

The City of Denver’s official Neighborhood Sidewalk Repair Program site.

The City’s DIY Guide for sidewalk repair.

Looking for the definition of a “hazardous or dangerous” sidewalk? Check out the official Denver Public Works document.

Here is the city’s list of contractors.

Is a tree root the culprit? It might be tempting to cut a root or remove a tree to level the sidewalk–do not do this without advice from the City Forester.
Contact: 720-913-0651 or

Remember: Trees are just as important for walkability as sidewalks!

Step 3. Take a deeper dive:

This very thorough PDF, narrative, and list of contractors was created by flagstone sidewalk’s biggest fan, Diane Travis.

Step 4. Learn more about why sidewalks are important:

Check out our Denver Deserves Sidewalks! campaign.

Because we can do better.