Denver Deserves Sidewalks Champion Toolkit

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Are you interested in being a champion for your neighbors, your community, and your city, and a champion for giving our city sidewalks the attention that they need? We need your help to demonstrate strong community support for the Denver Deserves Sidewalks campaign. This toolkit outlines several different ways that you can help us get the word out and reach our goal of 10,000 petition signatures and 200 support letters by March of 2016.

What are we trying to do? 

We are calling upon the City and County of Denver to assume responsibility for building and repairing sidewalks, and to establish a dedicated funding source for this purpose.

Why is this a problem?

As Denver’s population grows, the City must provide the basic infrastructure that allows people to safely and easily get around. Walkable neighborhoods with good sidewalks are the foundation of a complete transportation system that offers practical options including transit, walking, biking, car share, ride share, bike share, and driving a personal vehicle. Good sidewalks are particularly important for the one-third of the population that doesn’t drive due to age, disability, or income. Currently Denver property owners are responsible for building and maintaining sidewalks adjacent to their property.  Sidewalk repairs can cost a property owner thousands of dollars. Lax enforcement of the current sidewalk policy means that many Denver neighborhoods have substandard or no sidewalks at all. A fee of $5-$10 per month (for an average property) would provide a sustainable funding source for building new sidewalks, repairing old sidewalks, and upgrading substandard sidewalks throughout Denver. To learn more about why sidewalks are important, watch the video, “A Sunnyside Story.”

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Other than the good feelings that come with helping your neighborhood and your city become a more beautiful, walkable, and equitable place, by becoming a sidewalk champion you can win great WalkDenver rewards!

  • If you sign up to become a champion you get a WalkDenver sticker!
  • If you take one action from this toolkit you get a WalkDenver tote bag!
  • If you take three actions from this toolkit you get a WalkDenver t-shirt!

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What actions can you take to help build support for Denver Deserves Sidewalks?

  • Collect petition signatures at grocery stores, dog parks, community gatherings, dinner parties, work, farmer’s markets…be creative! Don’t know what to say? Take a look at the talking points in the resource list below!
  • Discuss with your Registered Neighborhood Organization (RNO) and see if they can provide a letter of support, include the topic on the agenda of the RNO meeting, and spread the word through social media, email lists, newsletters, and more! If you would like to have a WalkDenver representative come speak at your RNO meeting, please contact us (see contact information below). Find your local RNO here.
  • Post to, a great way to connect with Denver communities and neighbors online and find out about events happening in your neighborhood. See the resource list for suggested posts.
  • Write a letter to the Denver Post or to your neighborhood publication. Check out the resources below for a list of sources.
  • Provide a letter of support from your organization. In addition to collecting signatures from your co-workers, consider gaining a letter of support from your organization. WalkDenver is trying to collect 200 letters of support along with the 10,000 signatures. A template support letter is located in the resource list below.
  • Contact your City Council person. You could simply write a letter, or better yet, find a time to meet them! Suggest that they come walk with you and a group of neighbors to look at some of the sidewalk conditions in your neighborhood. Take a look at the City Council district map to find your city council member or look in the resources below for contact information.
  • Post to social media outlets like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or others. You can use suggested language from the resource list below or use your own! You can also take pictures of poor sidewalk conditions in your neighborhood and post to social media. Be sure to use the #DenverDeservesSidewalks hashtag!
  • Email friends! WalkDenver is continuing their campaign through March of 2016, the more friends you can share with, the quicker we will get signatures! Use the template text from the resource list below, or create your own!

How should I return petition hard copies?

  • You can return completed petitions to us in a number of different ways. Be sure to note the date and location where you collected the signatures.
    • Mailing address: WalkDenver,1536 Wynkoop St, Denver, CO 80202
    • Take a photo of the petition sheet or scan and email to
    • Drop it off at WalkDenver’s office at the Alliance Center: 1536 Wynkoop St, Denver, CO 80202


What is included in this toolkit?

Below are materials to help get you started with spreading the word about Denver Deserves Sidewalks. We are happy to provide you with printed hard copies or anything else you might need that is not included.

What should you bring when collecting petition signatures?

Questions or additional materials

If you have any questions or need any additional materials as you read through this toolkit, feel free to contact Jill Locantore ( or Madeline Keating (