Complete Streets

Mayor Hancock and the City & County of Denver have made a strong commitment to Vision Zero, with the goal to eliminate traffic fatalities and serious injuries by the year 2030. As a leading Vision Zero City, Denver has committed to implementing street safety improvements on an annual basis.  We can and should do more. A key factor holding our City back is outdated street design standards that prioritize the movement of cars over the health and well-being of people. Join the Denver Streets Partnership in calling on the City to adopt updated street design standards that put people first. Send a message to Mayor Hancock and City Council at the WalkDenver Action Center today!

Join the Denver Vision Zero Coalition at the Love-In event on Valentine’s Day to share your love for complete streets! This event will feature a guided walk and bike ride starting and ending at the Denver City-County Building, an opportunity to write valentines to your elected officials and to learn about the Complete Streets Campaign. The rally will feature speakers from the community sharing why they love the concept of safe streets for all in Denver. RSVP at the Eventbrite page!

What are Complete Streets?

Our City needs state-of-the-art street design standards that create “Complete Streets” that are safe for all road users. These designs must prioritize traffic calming for pedestrian and bicyclist safety over driver convenience. Denver should adopt updated street design standards that achieve the following core functions:

  • Discourage speeding by design
  • Encourage walking, biking, and/or public transit use
  • Provide accessibility to all, regardless of age or physical ability

The Denver Streets Partnership is calling on the City to publicly report on how all street projects (both new construction and improvements to existing streets) incorporate these important “Complete Streets” elements.

  1. ADA accessibility
  2. Dedicated unloading zones
  3. Dedicated mass transit facilities
  4. Narrow vehicle lanes
  5. Pedestrian amenities
  6. Signal timing that reinforces safe speeds
  7. Signal-protected pedestrian crossings
  8. Pedestrian islands on multi-lane streets
  9. Protected bike lanes
  10. Protected bike intersections