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by Jill Locantore on February 5, 2015

Pedestrian data collection is now more awesome than ever

WALKscope Screenshot overall quality rating

Overall ratings of the pedestrian environment along the West Colfax corridor.  Sidewalks and intersections with the lowest quality ratings are shown in red; those with the highest ratings are in shown in green.  (Click the image to enlarge).

WALKscope is an online tool for crowdsourcing data about walkability that WalkDenver launched with our partner PlaceMatters in 2014.  Anyone can use the tool via a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer to record information about sidewalk quality, intersection quality, and pedestrian counts throughout Denver. WalkDenver is using WALKscope to engage and educate residents, empowering them to assess the walkability of their own neighborhoods, and to advocate for infrastructure improvements.

We’re pleased to announce the launch of WALKscope 2.0, with lots of great new features.  Perhaps most exciting is the new ability to create custom maps highlighting different aspects of the data.  For example, the map above shows overall quality ratings of the pedestrian environment, while the map below shows areas that feel unsafe for walking due to high volumes or speeds of traffic.

WALKscope Screenshot Unsafe traffic speed

Pedestrian safety issues along the West Colfax corridor.  Areas in red feel unsafe for walking due to high volumes or speeds of traffic. (Click the image to enlarge).

Visitors to the web site can view charts summarizing all of the data collected to date, and download the raw data directly from the site for further analysis:

WALKscope screenshot reports

 Summary data available on the WALKscope website. (Click the image to enlarge). 

The interface for adding data to the map is also improved, with the ability to add data directly to the city’s existing inventory of sidewalks (by clicking on line segments) and intersections (by clicking on circles).  The survey questions are streamlined so they are quicker and easier to answer. 

Side by side screenshots sidewalk quality data collection

WALKscope‘s mobile data collection interface.  In the left image, the yellow line indicates the sidewalk segment the user has chosen to report on.  The right image shows the survey questions. (Click the images to enlarge).

We hope you’ll give the new version of WALKscope a test drive in your neighborhood! For more information about WALKscope, contact WalkDenver’s Policy and Program Director Jill Locantore at

Many thanks to Mile High Connects for funding the initial development of WALKscope, and to the Denver Regional Council of Governments for funding the recent improvements.

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