Check out the 2019 Vision Zero Community Program video!

by Jessica Vargas on February 28, 2020

A pop-up curb extension on Federal Blvd expands pedestrian space and encourages drivers to take right turns more slowly

Back in 2012, a newly-formed WalkDenver teamed up with a number of local partners to host Better Block Jefferson Park, one of the first “pop-up” tactical urbanism projects in Colorado. Since then, WalkDenver has become the go-to resource for helping plan, design, and implement projects that engage community members in envisioning what our public streets could look like. These temporary demonstrations mix ideas for people-friendly infrastructure with art, culture, and street life. From larger, festival-like demonstration events like Better Block, Re-imagine West Colfax, and the Little Saigon Night Market to smaller neighborhood art projects like trail wayfinding signs and intersection murals, tactical urbanism is a fun way to bring together residents, community partners, and local leaders to promote people-friendly streets.

Another major focus of these pop-up demonstrations is safety. As a leader of the Vision Zero movement in Denver, we have used pop-up traffic calming demonstrations as a way to reimagine the car-centric designs of some of our streets. Last year, we worked with the City & County of Denver on the Vision Zero Community Program, where teams of community members could apply for funding and technical assistance to design a project that would increase awareness of Vision Zero, promote safer streets in their neighborhoods, and offer residents a chance to discuss traffic safety and connectivity.

Many of the selected teams chose to host pop-up traffic calming demonstrations in their neighborhoods. In addition to the project reports, photos, and videos we’ve put together, we now have a new video about the entire 2019 program! Check out the video below to hear from our amazing community partners about what Vision Zero has meant to them. And keep an eye out for updates about more tactical urbanism projects in 2020!

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