Celebrating the successes of our Project Shift leadership program!

by Jessica Vargas on May 23, 2019

Since WalkDenver was founded in 2011, we’ve been working hard to make Denver the most walkable city in the nation, and our community partnerships are central to this work. Each conversation with residents and business owners helps us learn more about what Denverites care about, and we strive to champion the community’s needs in every project we work on. 

With a staff of just three people, however, WalkDenver can’t be everywhere, and so we were thrilled to recruit and train a group of 31 community champions through our Project Shift leadership development program that launched in early 2017. Participants worked in teams to complete projects in eight different neighborhoods around the city aimed at promoting walking, biking, and transit.

Projects ranged from bike festivals to walking tours to wayfinding signs and maps to pop-up traffic calming. Along the way, residents acquired the skills they need to lead more car-lite lifestyles and to advocate with the city to make their neighborhoods more walkable, bikeable, and transit friendly. In our newest video, you can hear from our former participants about the impact the program had for them.

Our graduates have continued to be active voices for their communities as Denver shifts towards a more multimodal future. The spirit of Project Shift also lives on through the Vision Zero Community Program, where teams of community members are hard at work putting together projects of their own that promote traffic safety in their neighborhoods and throughout Denver. For the latest updates on our Vision Zero community projects and opportunities to get involved, visit the WalkDenver website or Facebook page!

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