Act now! Join the Vision Zero Coalition in saying NO to House Bill 19-1099

by Jessica Vargas on January 31, 2019

Colorado House Bill 19-1099 aims to dismantle automated enforcement legislation which helps keep our most vulnerable users on the road safer. When properly initiated, automated photo radar systems and red light cameras are effective traffic-calming measures. 

According to the City & County of Denver, the presence of photo radar vans significantly reduced excessive speeders. The presence of the van for five consecutive days results in a 21% reduction in excessive speeding. Traffic calming measures, including speed reduction tools like photo radar, are often requested by neighborhoods and constituents to improve safety and quality of life.

This technology acts as a “force multiplier”, allowing police officers to be more effectively deployed while still addressing traffic enforcement concerns. Tickets for red light violations are also difficult for an officer to issue and pose a safety risk to officers since they too must run a red light to ticket after witnessing the infraction. Denver’s Vision Zero Action Plan specifically calls for increased use of automated speed enforcement along the High Injury Network – the 5% of the streets where 50% of traffic fatalities occur.

Photo red light technology has reduced crashes at intersections where the technology is deployed. For example, at the high-use intersection of 6th and Lincoln:

  • Total crashes have decreased 60%
  • Side impact crashes have decreased 70%
  • Injury crashes have decreased 80%

We believe automated enforcement efforts are an important initiative in slowing traffic and increasing safety for all road users. Though it can’t prevent all crashes from occurring, it can reduce their severity and protect vulnerable road users. That’s why we are firmly against HB 1099. We hope you’ll voice your concerns to your representatives at the WalkDenver Action Center today!


Cyndi Hoffman February 1, 2019 at 9:47 am

I’m not sure how aligned Denver City Council and state representatives are with Vision Zero – Of course – there needs to be MUCH MORE PROMOTION of this SAFETY philosophy, as the general public, for the most part, are still so unaware of it – But Council member Flynn really needs to be educated in a public health way as to the fact that red lights are NOT A PUNISHMENT – can’t we get that thru to Flynn and Humphrey and Melton – that they are misguided in their way of thinking, after all TECHNOLOGY SAFES LIVES!! Thanks for your good work –

Gretchen Armijo February 1, 2019 at 5:12 pm

Please vote NO to House Bill 19-1099.
Automated traffic enforcement including red light cameras and photo radar vans, provide EQUITABLE traffic safety. They reduce the risk of RACIAL PROFILING by police, improve safety for VULNERABLE ROAD USERS, and are EFFECTIVE in improving safety for our road users.
If you’re not breaking the law, they don’t ‘target’ or ‘entrap’ you.
Please vote NO and improve safety for all users!!

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