ACTION ALERT: Tell the Mayor and City Council the 2019 Budget still falls short!

Mayor’s Hancock’s proposed budget is a step in the right direction, but still falls short

We applaud the Mayor for taking some important steps to demonstrate his commitment to people-friendly streets through a faster build out of the bicycle network and adopting a more comprehensive Complete Streets approach. However, the 2019 budget proposal doesn’t meet the overall standard for investment in people-friendly streets because it fails to fund meaningful progress on the lack of sidewalks and doesn’t recognize the immediate, critical need to reconstruct Federal Boulevard.  We sincerely hope that City Council will join us in pushing for an additional $5 million for investments in sidewalks on Denver’s most dangerous streets and $5 million for safety improvements specifically on Federal.

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Step Right Up! WalkDenver is Seeking Board Members

WalkDenver is founded on the idea that people are pedestrians by design, with a vision of making Denver the most walkable city in the country by 2040. If you want to get more involved in your community and have a passion for walkability, we want you! WalkDenver is now accepting applications for new volunteer board members until October 31.

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Volunteers needed for upcoming pop-up traffic calming events!

This summer, WalkDenver has been working with residents of three Denver neighborhoods to design “pop-up” traffic calming demonstrations using tactical urbanism, and volunteers are needed to help make the final projects a success! Read more about each of the projects!

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Check out the following videos about WalkDenver’s tactical urbanism projects:

Reimagine West Colfax

Bee JP (Great Paths: The Boulevard at Jefferson Park)

Better Block Five Points

Better Block Jefferson Park

Slow City: One Day in Denver was a collaborative project led by our partners at Walk2Connect. On April 26, 2014, 27 people walked 13.5 miles across the city of Denver in search of experiences that fuel the yearning for a slow city. A slow city where people get out of their cars and connect with the delightful and gritty nuances that make Denver home. And, where people travel at a speed where they can connect with their environment and one another.

Our project was part of the larger One Day in Denver city-wide, participatory media event. The resulting media will be showcased in an interactive geo-tagged archive and a TV series on the future of the American city.