Petition the City: Invest in Colfax!


Colfax is Denver’s Main Street and should be a safe and vibrant place for pedestrians. Currently, however, it’s one of Denver’s most deadly streets, with six fatalities in 2015. Help support Colfax by signing this petition to include $500,000 in the 2017 City of Denver Capital Improvement Project budget.  The funding would support design and engineering for the following projects:

  • A new pedestrian crossing at Fairfax Avenue.
  • A pedestrian activated signal with median and left turn controls along with pedestrian bulbouts at Madison Avenue.
  • Pedestrian bulbouts, enhanced pedestrian signals with a leading pedestrian interval and pedestrian crossing countdown timers, and a median island at Adams Street.
  • Restriping to allow for on street parking between Jackson and Harrison streets on the north side of Colfax.
  • Pedestrian bulbouts, median islands, and enhanced pedestrian crossing signals with a leading pedestrian interval and pedestrian crossing countdown timers at intersections between Utica and Osceola Streets.
  • Potentially also additional pedestrian crossing enhancements between Broadway and Josephine, based on the Streetscape Plan that the Colfax Ave BID is currently finalizing.

These plans to invest in Colfax are being developed and supported by the West Colfax BIDColfax BIDBluebird BIDColfax Mayfair BID.

Make your voice heard! Sign the petition today to let the City and County of Denver know that you value pedestrian infrastructure and a safe environment for everyone on Colfax. After you’ve signed, don’t forget to share the petition with your friends and family.

Curious about what’s in the Mayor’s 2017 budget? Check out WalkDenver’s analysis to find out more.


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Slow City: One Day in Denver was a collaborative project led by our partners at Walk2Connect. On April 26, 2014, 27 people walked 13.5 miles across the city of Denver in search of experiences that fuel the yearning for a slow city. A slow city where people get out of their cars and connect with the delightful and gritty nuances that make Denver home. And, where people travel at a speed where they can connect with their environment and one another.

Our project was part of the larger One Day in Denver city-wide, participatory media event. The resulting media will be showcased in an interactive geo-tagged archive and a TV series on the future of the American city.