Tell City leaders to #ShowMeTheMobilityMoney

A typical bicycle and transit route in Denver: narrow sidewalks, a chair placed at a bus stop pole, and only signage for bicycles as cars rush along wide travel lanes.

ACTION ALERT: Contact the mayor and city council and tell them to #ShowMeTheMobilityMoney! It is important that our elected officials know that community members want the City to fund mobility.

On September 9, Mayor Hancock released his proposed 2020 budget. The Denver Streets Partnership looked at all 676 pages, and here is our analysis: While funding for transportation was called out as a top priority in making Denver a more equitable city, the annual budget falls short of what our city needs to achieve our goals of eliminating traffic fatalities and making healthy, active transportation options available to all residents. Sidewalks were once again the biggest loser. (Details are here on the DSP website.)

The 2019 Blueprint Denver land use plan establishes pedestrians as the top priority on Denver’s streets, and Denver’s Vision Zero Action Plan set the goal of building 20 miles of new sidewalks in 2020, yet the mayor’s 2020 proposed budget only allocates enough funding for 5 miles of new sidewalks.

  • Amount in 2020 proposed budget for sidewalks: $3 million
  • Need for sidewalk funding for 2020: $15 million
  • Deficit in sidewalk funding in 2020: $12 million

Transportation improvements overall are consistently underfunded in the annual budget. But even increasing one-year funding for 2020 isn’t enough. To build out not just a complete sidewalk network, but also complete bicycle and transit networks within 20 years rather than hundreds of years, Denver needs at least $120 million per year from new funding sources, with at least $50 million allocated to pedestrian and bicycle projects so that everyone can get where they need to go safely.

How can Denver elected officials #ShowMeTheMobilityMoney?

  1. Increase funding for sidewalks in the 2020 budget, and
  2. Work with the Denver Streets Partnership and other stakeholders to identify new transportation revenue sources by November 2020

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