Help us reclaim Denver streets for people by making a year-end donation to WalkDenver!

Images of a crosswalk, a bus, and a bike lane

Streets and sidewalks are the majority of our public space in Denver, but right now, our lives are polluted and endangered by car and truck traffic. WalkDenver believes this public space belongs to the people of Denver, and as a leader of the Denver Streets Partnership, is growing the coalition of people and organizations working across the city to reclaim our streets. People-friendly streets are the foundation of healthy, inclusive, connected, and sustainable communities. Now is your opportunity to join us in supporting real change on Denver’s streets by making a year-end donation to WalkDenver!

Imagine a Denver where no one fears for their safety while walking, riding a bike, or accessing transit and no one is killed in vehicle crashes or from dirty air caused by vehicle emissions. Imagine a Denver where people are active and healthy, walking and riding their bicycles and connecting with other people and the natural world. Imagine a Denver where money or physical ability does not determine if someone can get to a job or school or enjoy a park, museum, or library. With your help, we can make this vision a reality. Giving online is easy and fast, and your support will make a real difference. 

Check out the following videos about WalkDenver’s tactical urbanism projects:

Yale Ave Vision Zero Traffic Calming Demonstration

Tasty Colfax Vision Zero Traffic Calming Demonstration

Little Saigon Night Market

Silverman Park Vision Zero Traffic Calming Demonstration

Federal Boulevard Traffic Calming Demonstration

13th Avenue Traffic Calming Demonstration

Over the Colfax Clover

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